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Alan Greenspan’s 15 Tips for Picking Up Objectivist Ladies

The fact is, a movie event like the premiere of Atlas Shrugged: Part I should provide a plush panoply of primo pussy for the (re)producer on the prowl, and it’s only a matter of a few tips and tricks to make sure you take this cinematic cash-bash and leverage it into a gash-bash. I’m not from the government, and I’m here to help.

Here are 15 tips to get you invested up in her portholio:

How to Score While Seeing Atlas Shrugged

Last Friday, The Atlasphere (the Ayn Rand-fan singles website) sent me an email with some keen ideas on how to use the premiere of Atlas Shrugged: Part I to band together under the aegis of Ayn Rand and subsume my identity to nationwide collective action.

It also had suggestions for pulling mad trim.

Because if a movie version of a yam-shaped old Russian woman’s brick-sized verbal bean-flick over futuristic Gilded Age-style mass murder of liberals and poor people doesn’t moisten a bunch of Galt’s Gulches and prop some pants with Rearden metal, well—well, honestly, I can’t even finish that thought because I just succumbed to a grand mal of scoffing.

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